Our Staff


Position: Optician

How long have you worked at EyeSite?  February 2017

Favorite frame line and why: Lindberg – Style, lightweight, comfort, and durable; Tom Davies – Styles, colors, and totally customizable.

Hobbies: Beach, boating, karaoke, dancing, spending time with family.


Position: Optician

How long have you worked at EyeSite? June 2016

Favorite frame line and why: Kame ManNen – Simple & elegant; Zero G – Flexible, light weight, great colors; Tom Davies – Great colors, very customizable.

Hobbies: Reading, crochet, and antiquing


Position: Ophthalmic Assistant 

How long have you worked at EyeSite? August 2021

Favorite frame line and why: Lindberg and Tom Davies because of their customizable quality styles.

Hobbies: Travel and spending time at the lake.


Position: Ophthalmic Assistant

How long have you worked at EyeSite?  September 2019

Favorite frame line and why: Cinzia—comfort and style; Ovvo— durability and flexibility; Lindberg – Lightweight, comfort and durability.

Hobbies: Reading and being outdoors


Position: Front Desk Coordinator

How long have you been at EyeSite? July 2020

Favorite frame line and why: I love Ovvo. They have so many different colors, shapes, and styles. I personally love their wood-plated frames. Between the styles and the durability of them, they are a tough line to beat!

Hobbies: My hobbies are reading, rock collecting, and painting.